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Recipe to Sony Walkman -Crush iPod by this.


As for what and Omo, there is a rapid access for these several days, and it has been understood that the track back is gotten from Mr. Brog while is (thank you), and the access has come to enter PS3 with Wii though it doesn't understand well somehow.
Encounter ー and PS3
Let's write the thing about which it thinks in Sony though it is not interested because it is personally settled already (The forecast of Gartner went out, too) by there was an access with great pains.

Microsoft seemed to announce Zune, and to have straightened the iPod pursuit situation.
Really, and about the WinCE machine resemblance, the iTunes opposition service develops by externals of Microsoft, too and the pursuit mood be full of.
Function of being able to install wireless LAN function in eyeball function, and to lend tune by friend especially.
It is very interesting to have mounted it though I also am proposing the function to lend electronic contents for a long time in the office.
This doesn't see Sony that confronts it the vision easily though by what kind of Walkman it opposes, and the mood of.
Isn't there understanding to the technology?
Let's propose several step previous vision about this.

Digital contents are considered and the concept "Keep it with PC" doesn't consider the reality so much frankly speaking I am to have already continued to propose it for 45 years.
If this word can be replaced with "Hard disk" or "Electronic equipment with a constant possibility of breaking down", and seen from my aspect, the concept named iPod becomes a thing of equipment that doesn't understand the technology characteristic very much.
Say that there is a possibility that a in a word important contents collapse while it says of.
Panasonic etc. propose a portable player that inserts the SD memory card the vicinity is understood well, and with what breaks down rarely. Even if the player breaks down, contents are safe. The hard disk crash cannot be experienced many times, the breakdown of the word processor that is the love machine be experienced, and it know the nature of the person who is preserving contents that buy the hard disk breakable as a body that permanently personally lost important data though it wrote the other day.
Matsushita is a coldest season state, is imposing the product endurance test in a very severe environment to drive on the in-house product for a long time (It seems to be said the alias and the Matsushita test), and Matsushita's person in charge : me.
Test."Each other ー and, however, test. "
It is recalled many times to have groaned.
I think the breakdown of the Sony timer etc. and the Sony machine as ridiculed is turning the fact of simply doing only the torture test within the range of the guarantee inside out.
The answer of Matsushita who does the severe quality control is a separation of the SD memory card.
It answers very lucid, and I think also that it is an answer to iPod.
It is a beautiful, good-natured, strategic in-house policy.
Matsushita of quality.
After it pokes by Nici and the elbow of being of aging, it utterly becomes it considerably because of the Nici feeling when it doesn't sing.
Sony should fight by novelty because a novel commodity proposal is a company of the peculiar characteristic.
However, can it propose a novel portable player to iPod and Zune or more?
The hint is in the speed of PSP, 100 dollars PC, and wireless LAN.

The function of ad hoc is provided in PSP.
It may be called the Internet net of the independence composed of the node like P2P so to speak with the system that makes PSP a relay machine and composes the network. This function is installed in PS3, and a thing very ardent to promotion of the concept of P2P and M2M is understood, and there is no state-of-the-art technology enterprise from Sony about this concept as long as I am reading the patent journal Sony is.
(Sony enforces the patents, and this suggests the possibility of monopolizing this technology. )
In anxious at such time as Geg, the transmission rate of wireless LAN might be which extent. Compared with streaming speed of music
Woops! the person who noticed here is very sharp.
I want to say so.
"That need not purposely put music in hard disk?"
It is a thing.
"..sleep.. what? in goodness in the streaming"
If P2P network can be secured by the existence of the equipment even without the hard disk in independence at all, it only has to do the streaming from the server so often. The cash function is ..possession.. (The flash memory of and the NAND type is necessary)Ah because it seems to be painful for a moment.
Manage whether to have bought contents collectively with the server, and look at the presence of the streaming right about the most important concept.
The tune will be able to be bought with the terminal.
Because the streaming right can be managed by the product number, unauthorized copying is exterminated.
What? Is it selfishness it is not possible to encode from CD that not is?
Ah, iPod high Bullitt : in the thing.
Oh dear, because the number of machines is at first little, it seems not to be able to compose the streaming network well.
The vision of man who can accurately draw word Yukibitas consists almost of such feeling.
Google moves when trying so by a considerably late sensibility.

It left to power and it was written.
To be patent ..this.. though it says as usual ・・・ Seem ..encounter.. ..ー.. to become it ・・・ ..(.. ..laughter... )
..".. fool. .... do not write. 」
Oh dear is the mishearing of the scream good though thinks it not is? hear
In saying the lip service that prays for the big success of PS3.
Sman when there is a person who was advancing the preparation for making to the right.
It is possible to monopolize even very much by the technology in the surrounding, and hold out in that, please.

The patent application : to bringing forward.
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If "Genuine Fundamentalism" of the United States is understood, google is the super-easily understood.

It made in old times in the relation of the arrangement of the document, and cyber, formula RPG (game where F1 is achieved with paper and dice) comes out, and it becomes feelings that the deep emotion is deep.
Finally, great amount of sentences are spared to the machine making rule if it sees, and characteristics of all parts are often expressed numerically in the balances, it tempers with all situations, all courses, wear-out, the damage situations of parts, and mechanic's arms, etc. , and the state of the machine is made as understood at one view.
After all, the basis part had been completed, and the part of making of the circumference data had a rough going, and it sure failed though it was considerably difficult to make F1 a game.

It was a circle of the university that belonged at that time, and was composed of the pasteboard dump that seemed to have been at least strongest I.
Mounting the atmosphere rushing into rule, the introduction of a mobile point, and the reinforced man making rule were made from one, and a detailed fine-tuning was done by the count and not cutting. division..elaborate..document..collection..discuss..for instance..cancer..Canon Inc...beam..rifle..for..heated discussion..become. much..think..think.
Still, the mania degree was brought in by the discussion about sticking to from the entire the game to a trifling detail having it and it was brought in to cyber, formula RPG high, and naturally.

The game that PS was loaned to me who was the rule adjustment post by the thing of strange F1 fan like seemed being natural, and it is said that it would not permit other follows in real by one who was the leader was passed.
This is as difficult as the demon when playing for a moment.
Jean Alesi's seeming to have pursued Bibit of F1 as fundamentally than F1 this, connecting only little mistake with spin, and only shifting from the line slightly sound fatally at time. The defeat of the race is meant naturally (actual ..aspect.. ?), and the shortened thing ..extremely difficult game.. has finished slightly the difference with the machine that sails the top fast if spin is done of course.
I still required considerable time by came to being able to run one section in the line of the passing point though it liked Imola racetrack. It was as many as ten seconds late from fastest even by the lap that had started while thinking it was perfect.
Such Fundamentalism why.
It consists of super-Fundamentalism by can say it is amusing RPG of the United States though there might be thinking (It is finally a subject laughingly by the nose of such an episode.
Let's make it to a more essential word.
It is genuine Fundamentalism.

Dokimo is omitted by me whose exactness of the game that is the main current is Japanese though the home is the United States as for TRPG.
The rulebook from which the person who still requests it seems for total page number of booklet types of a lot of 'Cry of Ctulf' that seem to be page 400 to exist was suggestive, and an exactly textbook of TRPG profitable even if which page is read.
Dry laughter crowds and raises 'All of Arcam' that is the supplement to .... at the taken moment of Gakuentoshi of Arcam fictitious "All buildings are described" and "In addition, all the people who live there have been described in detail". There is a newspaper of fictitious in the United States abstinence method age New England area of 1920's in the inside, it understands how much the typewriter was, and it has been described what kind of employment information existed by you though it is a natural thing. And, the history historical investigation is strictly done (And, here is important), and so as not to contradict the description of the love craft who is the original writer at all, it is assembled.
It doesn't understand and it sleeps even if it says in the abstinence method age.
When this is seen, the thought of the Guglars is understood well.
Ah it finally achieved or it seems to say it should be not sweet still for American when saying oppositely ah.
By the way, the Caoshiam Co. that makes this game is a worldwide authority it, and is quoted the map etc. that the Caoshiam Co. made in the writing of the love craft of Japan in the research of the love craft writing.
The historian group is Caoshiam Co. where the authority ..fictitious world.. exists.

Of course, this.. considerably true and Fundamentalism rune quest etc. air drifts though the system is fully loaded the same also as .... and other rules.
Especially, because the discussion about the construction of this concept is said that it decided by a thick discussion of the military parties concerned who have the battle of soldiers with swords and daggars experience, genuine might be understood well though the cardinal rule is this genuine Fundamentalism, and the combat rule of the rune quest that centers on the concept named Storencsranc is a big charm of this game.

A general-purpose rule like the taking the shape thing named Garps comes out this time when parting from BRS.
Considerably because it is said that a physical law is minutely made a rule, and it is possible to treat from the serious one by a cyberpunk and a finally single even as for the robot thing, Dragonball, and the professional wrestling rule.
A logical composition was very steady, and and, it is and there is consistently and difficultly an impression that it is easy to treat a rich extendibility it when Garps plays several times to our regret though it is not so familiar.
It doesn't part, do the drug, and, it is hardly, the problem occurs, and I think that it was an excellent rule when becoming crazy about understand easy once of that for the Garps and the word going mad to have become popular in the circle though it did not like feeling that not is personally ..sharpening...
(Well, it is considerably sharp when not thinking be to slowly suitable for me of the target. )

When it begins to understand this genuine of American, doing deep understanding to a considerably vast area becomes possible.
For instance, problem Microsoft came into existence in the United States why.
It might be understood that American (Though it might be a New England character) works with zeal the Kichi lid in the maintenance of the document that can be huge use of a systematic creation of an anyway exact, easy-to-use rule and the circumference it if a current story is read.
Even if American is play, it digests easily by the genuine Fundamentalism though RPG that the Japanese made is entirely incomplete this full covering.
The report that exceeds page 1000 is written, and if the material of 9.11 is made to be written, it writes, and most is American in the draft of an international agreement in JAVA.
If the United States why is asked as the leader in the world, I will hand 'Cry of Ctulf' without difficulty ..what... And, it is likely to say.
Can the Japanese ..".. write this? It is American to write all of Arcam. Respect..talent..think.
The story of Gugl also
「It tries ..encounter.. to stop BRS ..ー and unpleasant.. and to make Garps. The problem. 」
It is possible to cut it in the with a hurl of the sword in a single phrase.
Note..theory..already..for a moment..ahead.
Because this is already a problem of the culture in the country, the merit can do nothing but be taken as a merit.
It is similar to Chinese's saying that there is a Japanese technological Kichi.
Because Chinese's talent as the merchant is full
"Hear it from the machine ..asking to the person... "
A Japanese artisan spirit feels it to abnormality.
The Japanese should look at the nature by yourself of that and virtue be often looked at.
And, the virtue of every country in the world should be often watched, be praised, and it cooperate.
And, I should stop saying the thing at which it laughs foolishly as it is American imperialism when American settles on the rule, and it begins to straighten a huge document, and be really faced with the problem that it can be done from the front.
If the virtue of American who works joyfully is not seen, I will send a cry of Ctulf all publications by the charge cash on delivery. It must be insufficient in one million yen though says to make sure.

1/3 of the things to schedule saying what it is doesn't write either.
Violent movement of Patent Cooperation Treaty and a violent Shizai system of inadvertently one month wanted to thorough explain, and it to the Gugl theory so that the lie is not in the signboard because it seems to be caught to the optimism character limitation.

The United States has already written that the characteristic is a decision of a vast rule system and huge document maintenance in the genuine Fundamentalism country.
However, here to the problem :.
"What do you assume to be a principle?"
It is a part.
The castle proper in the United States is an east coast, and, naturally, the profit of the company is a principle of this sphere of the culture.
Therefore, it is possible to adjust even if it is being said the American manual society ardent to the maintenance of the system of the company, and what kind of immigrant is employee.
Well, this people are composed of people who become unpleasant company Fundamentalism of the east coast and went out though are Silicon Valley.
It is careless, and separates from the society also to the law order, and it is unrelated, and is group of people who have run away from social Fundamentalism in short.
However, how? will
After all, this people are genuine fundamentalists.
However, the essence has not changed only requesting the principle from the society from the information technology.
Gugl is information technological Fundamentalism.
Therefore, it doesn't care about the profit of the company.
Small number of company fundamentalists are mixed, the people advise, and ..technological Fundamentalism.. G in conspiracy advises that the profit is raised because it indeed embarrasses it in it.
Technological fundamentalists somewhat refer to the advice thinking it is annoying for lack of an alternative. Only the desire : the talent as long as there is money even if it says very much as liked based on our genuine Fundamentalism because it joyfully gets.
It is necessary to watch the character of American who begins to make a joyful, original program language from the front if grieving not having the talent that makes the Japanese software.
A huge rule system like the law says that the meaning is not understood and is people who criticize though become crazy with the ardor in the eminent world and watched by the Japanese in case of the thing with the appearance.
It seems to be certain not to be suitable for a Japanese character though the of course person who is necessary, indispensable to the society, and doesn't understand the meaning crime as for the law.
Of course, the United States has the weak point of the reason though it is genuine.
It is a character because it persists in the principle too much to which the compromising thing is not done easily.
For instance, belonging of the right of the patent that the employee of the enterprise did is a considerably difficult problem (It is said the problem of the service invention) though the patent method is a law that protects inventor's right. Recently, Japan inadvertently enacts the text to make good use of a considerably ..iridescence.. slight balance feeling so that most of the patent may be good the enterprise with the employee who is the inventor, make a resolution because the employee of the enterprise is a done invention, and each other profit. Each enterprise began to settle on the steady rule to the engineer independently with the enterprise compared with the profit distribution of the employee to show it to an attractive enterprise it.
The enhancement of the duty invention system was delayed in the United States, and the word of American who worried whether the inventor was ..desire.. popular put on passing of this the day before according to the appearing article.
The United States method is done Fundamentalism, becomes a text not to encounter the fact from a fundamental point, leads to the collapse of the patent method of the United States, and is being rebuilt now though is a strange adjustment text Fundamentalism the law of Japan that does the compromise repeatedly to a compromise not correct at all to exceed.

As for systematic understanding of the law, I felt such a thing very much while studying the law while thinking it might be difficult.
It is ..encounter.. ..ー.. so or rule making and I.
This pain will be comforted to think.
It feels admiration. While seeing PCT ..terrible Garps..
It is good to read from the United States TRPG if it wants to know genuine Fundamentalism of the United States.
It is on the hand because it is a specialty store like Yellow Submarine how much.

Float..planted..still..cut down..already..unrecognizable.

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